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5 website forms you need to include on your website

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Website forms don’t tend to fill many minds with excitement, but when it comes to your website they’re an extremely important element to consider, especially when you want to improve a potential customers experience.

Let’s take a look at the five forms you need to include on your website.

Contact Website Forms

Your contact form will usually be located on your website’s Contact page. It’s an easy way for a visitor to send you a message, asking about the products or services that you offer. As well as providing a good experience for your visitors, it can also help to cut down on spam as bots can’t easily harvest your email address from your website.

Email Newsletter Signup

Email marketing is a great way of nurturing and building better relationships with your audience. For a visitor to sign-up to receive your email newsletter, you’ll need to provide them with a form. Here they can fill in their name and email address, subscribing to receive emails from your business.

Customer Feedback / Reviews

Every business wants feedback and reviews from its customers. It’s important to know that customers are happy with their purchases. In the case of an unhappy customer, hearing about it early gives you an opportunity to put things right. Feedback is vital to helping you improve your processes and delivering a better experience to customers over time.

Customer Support

Whether you sell products or provide services, there’s a certain level of support that your customers will require over time. Providing a customer support form means that your customers can easily send a support message. This message may go into a support ticket platform or directly to your team via email. From there, you can assist your customer and provide them with great support.

Call Scheduling / Call Back

Some businesses will encourage their potential customers to book a call in order to talk further about their products or services. You can offer a form that allows a visitor to pick a date and time for a call with your team. Alternatively, you may have a form where a visitor can provide their contact information and request a call back.

In conclusion, while the topic of “website forms” might not spark immediate excitement, their significance in enhancing customer experience on your website cannot be overstated.

Incorporate these five essential website forms outlined above to streamline communication, gather valuable feedback, and provide seamless support, elevate the overall user experience and strengthen your relationships with customers.

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